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Types of ISM Safes: ISM Safes Including TL30, TL30x6, & TRTL30x6 Safes

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Types of ISM Safes: ISM Safes Including TL30, TL30x6, & TRTL30x6 Safes

Owning your own business can be a risky venture. As your main source of income, the ability to pay your own bills depends on your business being profitable. So many events can go wrong, including theft. Taking precautions is a must and purchasing a high security safe should be considered an absolute must as well. When protecting your valuable inventory and your business’ or families assets- whether that means money, jewelry, or other priceless items- the purchase of an ISM safe should be one of the first things considered when it comes to protection.

As a business owner, you want the valuables in your store to be as safe as possible. ISM safes are the best designed safes that are currently being sold today. Even if they are more expensive than other safes in the market, the price matches the quality; no other safe can surpass ISM safe’s superiority in manufacturing design and protection.

Most ISM coffers manufactured today are both fire resistant safes and burglary resistant safes. As the name suggests, fire resistant safes can protect its contents from fire while still potentially offering burglary protection against a skilled burglary attempt.

The most popular burglary resistant safes can be categorized into TL30 safes, TL30x6 safes, & TRTL30x6 safes, among others. The letters tell which burglar tools the safe can hold its own against. TL means the safe is tool resistant. TR stands for torch resistant. Knowing what the letters mean on the safe’s label will help you to know how strong it is against someone trying to compromise/break into it. The numbers that come afterwards let you know how long the safe can hold its own against a skilled burglars’ multi-tool attack. For example, the TL30 safes are tool resistant for 30 minutes. You may have also noticed the “x6” that appears at the end of some of the safes’ names. This means that the safe is resistant on all six sides. In other words, the TL30x6 safe is tool resistant for 30 minutes on all six sides. Lastly, the TRTL30x6 safe is both torch resistant and tool resistant for up to 30 minutes on all of its six sides. At the top of its class is the ISM Super Treasury safe. It is one of the highest rated security safes offered by ISM. The ISM Super Treasury safe is the result of high tech security engineering and proud craftsmanship. Its walls are thick and sturdy against any burglar’s tools offering extreme torch and tool resistance. Also, as far as fire protection goes, these safes can sustain the interior temperature of the safe at less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit against a fires heat for up to one to two hours depending on the exact rating.

If you are a business owner based in the United States, one of the only ways to get one of these superb, top-of-the-line safes by ISM is through First Security Safe Company based out of Los Angeles, CA. First Security Safe Co. is the only distributor on the West Coast of the United States to sell these safes. When you need protection for your high end inventory and valuables, First Security Safe Co. is the place to go. Their staff can help you pick the best safe for your budget and needs to be proactive in securing money and jewelry. The chance of a theft always exists but having an ISM safe purchased by one of the largest and most reputable safe companies in the USA insures that you will be well prepared. When looking for TL30 safes, TL30x6 safes, and TRTL30x6 safes from ISM, it is recommended to contact First Security Safe Company.

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