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ISM Safes | Super Treasury TRTL30x6 Burglary Safes

ISM Safes

Unique, superior, advanced torch and drill resisting barrier defense material on these ISM Used Safes. Alchronite was developed to withstand the most concentrated attacks, using the most sophisticated equipment, by burglars today. A highly torch resistant cast alloy surrounds a consistently staggered drill resistant alloy multi–grid, assuring a complete barrier with no week points.

  • U.L. Group 1 Manipulation Proof Combination Lock (Designed to Defeat Attack by Automatic Dialers).
  • High Security 9-Lever Key Lock (2 Bits + 2 Stems)
  • Glass Plate Protection / Randomly Placed Relocking Devices.
  • Protection From Side Attacks on Interlocking Boltwork / Locking Mechanism.
  • Fire Protection.
  • Dimensions Allow Models to Fit Through Narrow Doorways and Tight Spaces.
  • Body Weights Allow Larger Models to be Transported via Elevator.


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